Peter Falk

Peter Falk:  for the love of Wood …

Grape Arbor - carved from a single piece of Mahogany

Peter spent his childhood in the rural Mid West, where he and his older brother began working with wood to make their toys: they “carved” dug out canoes for their GI Joe men and crafted wooden airplanes and boats.  Encouraged by his father and grandfather, who built fine hand-crafted furniture from native walnut wood salvaged from an Iowa corn crib, Peter grew up working with wood, and developing woodworking skills and knowledge through the 4-H program.

Peter continued advancing in the 4-H woodworking program when his family moved toIndianain 1990.    Throughout the following years, several local wood artisans mentored Peter in furniture design, cabinet making, and marquetry, and Peter discovered carving.  Following his mentors’ examples, he began taking custom woodworking orders for clients, and expanded his practical custom wood-working skills by working for a custom home builder.

In 2004-2009, Peter seized the opportunity to join an historic carpenter in theBoston,MAarea where they worked in period architectural millwork and custom furniture.    While living inNew England, he also met and studied under the master wood carver / sculptor Dimitrios Klitsas.  Dimitrios not only taught Peter the process of design and the skills of carving; he also passed on a passion for sculpture and an observation of daily details in the creation.

In late 2009 Peter moved back to his rural roots inIndianato be closer to family and to start Falk Wood Studio, a business in furniture making, artistic wood carving, and specialized woodworking.

Artist Statement

“I delight to work with wood.  The depth, warmth, textures, and colors in the wood medium fascinate me.   The natural creation where my wood grows is so full of creativity and inspiration.  Observing the created elements around me gives me much joy and delight.  Portraying a playful moment in the creation around me seems to be a growing theme in my work.

“While striving to meet the needs of my client, it is my mission to offer work that can be both functional and beautiful.  It is in this pursuit that I try to discover the beauty that is inherent to the material and then to reveal that beauty through the selection of the woodworking method that best displays the natural beauty.

“I believe that beauty and art are not meant to be solely reserved for the walls of museums or quiet rooms; it is to be seen and used in everyday life.  I try to create things that can be used in day-to-day living, as well as those special occasions and uses.”